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15/01/13 - Prototype 0.19

The first playable prototype is working well.

(Gameplay video released).


Featured Weapon of choice


The CDF PPR3 (Plasma Projectile Rifle MK3) is the current number 1 choice for kicking butt!

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Welcome to the GhostShip!
Science Fiction first person shooter / survival horror


Welcome to the CDF Ghostship web site.


The CDF Ghostship game offers first person shooter fun with survival horror elements. A lot of games today are based around go here do this, go there speak to them and some points along the way you may get a little action. We are going back to the good old days of shooters like Doom where you are always on your toes and there is lots to shoot.


Teaser Trailer 1




Teaser Trailer 2




Pre-Alpha Gameplay test



CDF Ghostship offers the player the chance to go where ever they want onboard the huge dreadnought ship "The Goliath" Your only objective is to escape and there will be numerous ways to do that but it wont be easy! And if you do it doesn`t stop there! There is also a space station you can escape to and the colony base on the planet below. There will be a storyline mode and also be a survival mode where you fight wave after wave of aliens and space zombies, so we promise hours of fun with lots of replay value.


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